Arise Financial Coaching

Then scooch in friend,
I’ve got the perfect thing for you.

For the first time, I’m opening up spots for The Financial Freedom Fast Track. This 7 month one-on-one coaching program is for driven individuals and couples who are ready to kiss their money problems goodbye.

For good.

Have You Heard of Cash Captivity?

What does it look like to have your money lock you up?

  • You live paycheck to paycheck and say things like, “I feel like I just can’t save”
  • You believe your money problems would just go *poof* if you were suddenly debt free, got that pay raise, or bought that dream house.
  • You want to pull your hair out when you try to budget. So you avoid it like Disneyland during COVID-19.
  • You second guess yourself when you spend money. From the Target dollar section to buying a car, confidence is not your vibe.
  • You have “unrealistic” (Vacations, your dream home, hiring a maid) money goals because you don’t know how you will get there.

Girl, your money has got you in chains. 

The Financial Freedom Fast Track is where I’m going to hand you the keys so you can let yourself out.

Imagine If. . .

  • You didn’t second-guess your financial decisions. From your Grande Starbucks latte to your dream home purchase, you’re confident AF.
  • You had a silky smooth, streamlined money management system that made your life easier, not harder.
  • You got to actually spend money on the things you daydream about.
  • You never had to wait for a pay raise to feel at peace because you’ve got pristine clarity about your financial game plan.
  • You knew how to spend money on what’s important to you today WHILE hitting your financial goals (Hello Roth IRA & beach vacay).

While it is possible to liberate yourself from cash captivity without a financial coach, I can say from personal experience that it will take you a crap ton of time, research, and troubleshooting. 

Here’s where the Financial Freedom Fast Track comes in. 

I use a personalized approach to ensure you have what you need to achieve your goals. We’ll pace  your progress without the overwhelm so that you don’t tap out.

Meet Your Coach

My name is Nicole. I’m the founder of Arise Financial Coaching and your savvy money strategist.

When I started my money journey, I went full steam ahead. I followed all the financial gurus, tried to cut out as much as I possibly could, and got burnt out in the process. 

I took a huge leap of faith and invested in mentorship to teach me how to be a better financial coach. In that process, I realized that I needed the same things my clients did.

My financial journey would have been so much easier and more effective if I had a financial coach five years ago. I would have more shoes from Target, had less fights with my husband, and less grey hairs, that’s for sure.

My mission is to empower and educate driven individuals and couples to ditch financial overwhelm and use money as a tool to build a life they are OBSESSED with.

I’ve also got the credentials to back me up. I completed my B.S. in Business, received specialized sales training, and was mentored by some of the most respected financial coaches in the industry.

Girl, I got you.

The Financial Freedom Fast Track is for you if. . .

  • You’re sick of living paycheck to paycheck.
  • You’re DONE with carrying a balance on your credit card every month.
  • You want to stop hoping for the best with your money and start planning properly.
  • You know that you need a money management system that isn’t stressful AF.
  • You're done with excuses and you're ready to learn how to create solid financial solutions for yourself.

This program is 100% NOT for you if. . .

  • You’re married to your money drama story: “I would love that Nicole, but it just wouldn't work for me because [Insert excuse here]
  • You thrive off of financial stress and love living a soap opera lifestyle
  • You like fighting with your spouse about money.
  • Your motto is always DIY, no matter how long it takes or how stressful it is.

Financial Freedom is not one size fits all

Has Googling general budgeting tips solved all of your financial problems? Let’s outline your Financial Freedom map together and make it an exciting journey! 

If you’re on this page, chances are you hear that voice inside you that knows you can do this. . . The question is, are you willing to say “yes” to the Fast Track to Financial Freedom?

Okay Nicole, I’m so into this. What do I get in the Financial Freedom Fast Track? 

I’m glad you asked, take a peek:

Real-time financial troubleshooting and accountability.  I help you learn the process of making empowered financial decisions.

  • Going on vacation? I’ll help you plan it and save you BANK.
  • Buying a car?  I’ll show you how to not get ripped off.
  • Buying a house?  Pour a glass of wine and let’s have fun planning.
  • Planning a wedding? I’m ready to help you make decisions you won’t regret later.
  • Paying down debt? Let’s create a sure-fire, sustainable strategy.
  • Big home projects? Let’s plan it out and maybe make a mood board while we’re at it.

Start making me a jersey girl, because this money strategist is on your flipping TEAM!

We research, and strategize so you can get what you want. It’s my mission to help you make better decisions so you’re NEVER leaving money on the table.

 And if that wasn’t enough. . .

You will get the financial information that separates those who are financially free and those who are in cash captivity.

Here are the Keys you’ll get inside the
Financial Freedom Fast Track

Key 1:  Find Your Financial Flow

  • The Full Financial Audit
    • We get down to business to  find  where you stand financially.
    • I’ll shoot you straight if you’re living within, at, or below your means. 
  • Implement The Simplified Budget Method ™  
    • We do the hard work once. We set up automation and accountability systems so you can spend your energy on the fun part of your money, not crunching numbers over and over. Barf.
  • Alignment Workshop
    • We’ll discover your wealth values and use them to create your personal money goals.  

Key 2: Becoming a Financial Goal Getter

  • Learn how to set big financial goals and break them down in bite-sized paycheck pieces. Nom, Nom.
  • Then we’ll find out how you can move the needle to reach your goals faster

Key 3: Leveling up your Behavior

  • No shame games. Learn tactics to curb impulse spending from robbing you of wealth. 
  • Negotiating Crash Course – Get personalized coaching on how to ask for what you want. Whether you’re asking for a raise, shopping bills, or buying something on Facebook marketplace.

Key 4: Money Master Handbook

  • Dissecting Debt 
  • Investing: Where to start?

Key 5: Leaving a Legacy 

  • Retirement Planning
  • Visioning Your Financial Freedom Action Plan 
  • Net Worth Accelerator 
  • Making Money Solutions Workshop

If you wonder why some people never get out of Cash Captivity no matter their paycheck. . .

The keys inside the Financial Freedom Fast Track are the difference.

Still Not Sure?

Don’t just take my word for it.

See what my clients have to say about working with me:


Nope 🙂

I don’t sell or make commissions on any financial products. My monthly fee is all inclusive for my services and anything I recommend to my clients it’s because it’s what I believe is best for them. But I won’t sell you life insurance, mutual funds, or anything like that. Our time together is about you.

This is a funny question because I typically find that working with me more than pays for itself. I’m not shy about owning that my superpower is helping you build wealth. The skills that you learn in the Financial Freedom Fast Track will impact the way you view and use money for the rest of your life.

If you believe you truly can’t afford a financial coach, I’d gently ask you which option will actually cost you more… staying where you are or working with me? It’s usually the former.

Heck no, sister. Financial Coaching is wicked fun but we really get to know each other. I’m upfront if I don’t think you’re a good fit or if I can’t help you. That’s why we have an application process. We can both see if we are a good fit for each other. I’m also only one person, so once I’m at capacity, I stop taking on new clients for this program.

There is no income minimum or maximum for wanting to get out of cash captivity. I have worked with people below the poverty line to people in the upper income brackets. There is a quality of life increase when you have a game plan for your money. If you feel you already have that, then you might not need a financial coach.

But can I be candid? You’re at the end of this very long sales page, so chances are you know you would benefit big time.