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Financial Coaching was made for you if:

You're great at making money but wonder where it goes every month.

Everything you've tried has felt more like a financial diet than financial freedom.

You love personal growth and know working on your money is up next.

Meet Your Money Coach.

Hi there! I'm Nicole, the founder of Arise Financial Coaching and your personal money strategist.

I'm the creator of The Money Momentum Method which has helped hundreds simplify the way they manage their cash flow and hit their financial goals. 

I became a financial coach because I want money to be the reason you get to do what you love. Not the reason you can't.

After battling crippling financial anxiety in my early twenties, I decided that enough was enough. I enrolled in my first personal finance course which changed the course of my life. I went from 30K in debt to building my family of four's net worth to over a quarter-million dollars at 27. No inheritance or shortcuts. That growth was about much more than numbers in a bank account. It brought joy, confidence, and freedom into my life without money stress holding me back. I want this to be your story too.

 I can't wait to help you do what you've always dreamed of with your money. Whether that is getting out of debt, paying for vacations cash, or having the confidence that you'll be able to retire. I'm on your team. 

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